Product Definition

We embrace the Discovery Phase to significantly reduce project risks and costs in the future, Is an essential phase at the beginning of your software development lifecycle. At this stage, we design, validate, and test your idea before developing the product.


We identify the business opportunity by analyzing the risks, the market needs, the goals, and based on that we define the success criteria. We work to understand the needs of the users involved in the solution and its environment.

We define the major features with the scope and limitations.

Business Research

User persona definition

Technical analysis


We have the solution to a problem. Now we need to design it. This is the phase where designers come in strong. One of the most important elements at this stage is to come up with a roadmap. Roadmaps are graphic displays of information, where the whole journey from drafting to releasing is reflected.

User journey


Solution Roadmap


Prototyping is a method we use to develop, test, and optimize ideas quickly and with few resources. Prototypes transform ideas into tangible elements to communicate them clearly and explore their different aspects. Also, these kinds of prototypes are used to validate the solution before it develops.

Low fidelity prototypes

Half fidelity prototypes

High fidelity prototypes in InVision